Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hunter's first season of baseball is coming to an end and he has really become quite the ball player. He is on the 5/6 year old coach pitch Yankees. When he first decided he wanted to play ball we weren't really sure how it would go, he catches on really quick to things so we signed him up. Im not just saying this because Im his mom but he is pretty good for his first year and even his coach has noticed,he listens well and tries really hard. His position is center field and he hasn't missed a ball that has come his way. All of the boys and girl on his team are really great kids,they have good sportsmanship and always congratulate each other,their coach has had a big part in that also, he is very positive with them and always tells them how proud he is. I think its important to have coaches and leaders like that. We are really pleased with how the season turned out and I know Hunter can't wait for next year! GO YANKEES!

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