Monday, May 7, 2012

One of "those" days

 I have been a mom for 6 1/2 years and some would think that after that long and two kids later you would have it perfected...WRONG! I have "those" days when I think "Iam totally not doing this mom thing right." I try to keep calm and say a prayer that everything will get better and both of my children will behave like angels. Today for example, Harper is 2 and WANTS things HER way, I pull up at Walmart and get the kids unloaded and Harper asks if she can walk instead of me carry her,so I say "yes but you have to hold my hand" well she doesn't want to hold my hand and starts to run away,I grab her up and say "ok that was your chance you have to ride in the cart now" she then throws herself to the ground and I pick her up kicking and screaming,pop her leg and put her in the cart. She continues to scream until we get inside the store. The whole time I know people are thinking "please shut your kid up" Iam embarrassed and ready to drop everything and just go home. Well... I don't and just carry on,she calms down and we get our groceries and head home. This is not the first time something like this has happened and I KNOW it wont be the last,but I just have to remember that its one of "those"days and this too shall pass. Motherhood is a hard challenge and if you say its easy,PLEASE give me your secret! I love my kids and one day I will look back and laugh at "those" days.


  1. Sorry about your day! I'm sure tomorrow will bring a new beginning to a hopefully easier day! I'm glad you are a mom who took the time to actually discipline your child in public. Too often I see people letting their kids run through stores like monkeys! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    btw... love the names harper and hunter!!


    1. Thanks Nikki! Today was a better day!