Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being sick stinks!

Hunter has been sick this week, he has had a fever,cough, stuffy nose,sore throat. I took him to the dr on Tuesday and he seemed to think it was viral because the strep test was negative. I have never seen Hunter feel so bad, he has basically layed on the couch all week. We are praying that Harper does not get it and that Hunter will be back to normal soon so that he can enjoy his Thanksgiving break. Mike has the whole week of Thanksgiving off so hopefully we can do some family things together, that is when he isn't hunting. I hope to get our tree up soon and other Christmas decorations...I really think Harper will enjoy it this year, she is at such a fun age. Pray my tree stays up and she doesn't tear it down haha! I don't have many photos because well...who wants photos of a sick kid lol? But I did take some last week of the pretty trees in our driveway. I love all the fall colors.

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