Monday, October 17, 2011

Finding Joy in sad times

We lost our six year old Dachshund, Haley this past Wednesday to a snake bite. It has been a really hard time for us, she was part of our family and the kids LOVED her so much. Haley was a special dog, she never bothered anything(but maybe a squirrel) she followed my kids around like she was their mother. Everyone that met her instantly fell in love with her! I could go on and on about her!

Very truly,I tell you,you will weep and mourn,but you will rejoice;you will have pain,but your pain will turn into joy. John 16:20

This verse is special to me because we have found joy in remembering how great Haley was but we were also blessed to find an 8 week old dachshund that's looks just like her. We knew we wanted another one because they are such great dogs and this has really helped the kids and brought us so much joy. We will love her very much and she will be a part of our family just like Haley was. She will in no way replace Haley, but remind us of put great times with her. Haley will always be in our hearts.

This is Honey!

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