Monday, May 16, 2011

21 months

  • On May 12th Harper turned 21 months old. She is getting so big and is such a sweet girl! Don't make her mad or she will show you her temper ha!
  • She weighs somewhere around 33lbs and im not sure how tall she is
  • She is wearing anywhere from 4t-5t clothing (she is a chunky girl)
  • She sleeps pretty well but still wakes up once during the night sometimes
  • She loves horses and goes nuts whenever she sees one
  • She says, mommy,daddy,bubba,nanny,nonny,papa,hunter,baby,puppy,bye,stinky,haley,hope,meme and im sure there are some other words that im leaving out.
  • She loves to dress up and show everyone her outfits!
  • She is not fond of mommy holding other babys(im glad she is the last one for us)
We love every minute with you Harper you are such a funny girl!

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